Dream Catcher receives literally thousands of submissions every year. To ensure that  the task of reviewing them is not daunting or overwhelming, selection of candidate poems for the magazine is overseen by a board of editors. They select a pool of candidate pieces for the main editor to select from. The board comprises poets and writers of different styles and backgrounds who ensure that the magazine appeals to a wide range of readers and that Dream Catcher is an exemplar of the best in poetry.


          Wendy Pratt

Editor Emeritus and Founder

          Paul Sutherland

Editorial Board

          John Gilham (former editor)
          Rose Drew
          Pauline Kirk
          Alan Gillott
          Tanya Parker Nightingale

      Art Advisor: Greg McGee

Paul Sutherland founded Dream Catcher in 1996 and has developed a wide ranging readership for the journal. Paul has edited a number of anthologies and is the author of eight collections of poetry and in 2012 he is publishing his eighth collection, Journeying. Paul turned freelance in 2004. He has won or been runner up in a number of national poetry competitions

Paul Sutherland

Wendy Pratt is a poet and freelance writer living and working on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast. Her work has appeared widely in magazines and journals and she is fortunate to have four collections to her name.  Her most recent book is Gifts the Mole Gave Me. As well as writing, Wendy is a mentor, an editor, a workshop facilitator, theatre reviewer for The Stage and poetry correspondent for Northern Soul Magazine. You can follow Wendy at @wondykitten and find more about her here: Wendy's Website

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Rose Drew is a performance poet and anthropologist. She has edited a number of anthologies including the successful Green Man Awakes and her own book, Temporary Safety made the top ten Purple Patch Individual Collections of 2011. Rose has been widely published both in the UK and the USA. She is a political poet, and is sensitive to the injustices a nation heaps upon its own purely in the interests of winning and maintaining power.

Rose Drew

John Gilham has been widely published and has been included in previous issues of Dream Catcher. A visit to the area of the Ypres Salient, where his grandfather served in the Royal Army Medical Corps in WWI has strengthened the already fierce anti-war stance which runs through his work. Although best known close to home for his Fosdyke and Me stories he is more widely known for his well crafted poetry and observations on life, cycling, and riding the railways. John’s most recent publication is Learning to Breathe.

John Gilham

Tanya Parker Nightingale is a poet of exquisite delicacy, well known to Dream Catcher readers as a reviewer, but who has also been selected by Paul for publication. She recently won the Yorkshire Open Poetry Competition with her poem Eve which also featured in the International Women’s week show A Question of Power. In 2011, with Rose Drew, Tanya also performed, their two woman show She’s the Cultured One at the Edinburgh Fringe and other festivals.

Tanya Nightingale

Alan Gillott has been published over a period of many years initially under the aegis of Alasdair Aston and the Dulwich Poetry Society, and more recently in North America. He has edited a number of anthologies for Stairwell Books and his most recent collections, Beyond the Window and Except we Teach have garnered  critical acclaim. Alan’s interest is in the structure of free form poems and he works with poets to help them make structure a tool for a more effective communication.

Greg McGee is Co-owner of York's city centre white cube 'According to McGee'. He is fiercely passionate about art and its process; its inception; its execution and its exhibition. Being exposed to great art and carefully harnessing the skills in producing one's own art is all part of living a fulfilling and constantly improving life. Contemporary art and poetry are, according to Greg, 'the cosiest of possible bedfellows'.


Pauline Kirk is the editor and publisher for Fighting Cock Press. Pauline is the author of two novels, Waters of Time and The Keepers, and is part of a collaboration with her daughter who together publish as P.J. Quinn. She has a number of anthologies to her name, the most recent of which is Envying the Wild edited by the late Mabel Ferrett. Pauline’s poems, short stories and articles have appeared in a wide range of journals.

Pauline Kirk

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