Issue 25


Here we are 25, a silver anniversary edition! We’ve come a long ways and we have far to go. Support us, help us grow.

Dream Catcher 25 balances national and international writing. 25 features such published poets as Steven Blyth, Genny Rahtz, Lucie McKee, Michael Swan, River Wolton, Christine McNeill, David Greenslade, Roger Caldwell and Jo Hemmant, publisher of Pin Drop Press, and publishes a poem from the late Matt Simpson. An amazing range from the down-to-earth to the celestial, from the gentle to the brutal. Dream Catcher 25 opens with Adam Price’s Letter from Iraq with its mix of loss and perspective in the clash of relationships. This issue offers excellent and often hard hitting short fiction. The Scottish author, Douglas Thompson explores the vagaries around a father’s death and, new to Dream Catcher, Lincolnshire writer, Sheri Young, explores high emotion and disturbance with the struggle to survive, the fight for an identity. Passion and a tendency toward unexpected attachments are explored in Peter Gilmour’s Fast Forwards and Ronan Corrigan’s remarkably deceptive mily and Helen Kampfner’s Gloves. The peaceful and the violent are juxtaposed through poetry or fiction.

Our featured artist is the excellent Scottish painter Kym Needle whose fantastic images of Australia, where he lived for a time, have been exhibited internationally. His startling art is displayed on the cover, and other examples in B/W are in the journal. A frequent contributor to Dream Catcher, Sam Gardiner’s celebrated collection The Morning After is reviewed; as is Jeremy Worman’s, new collection of short fiction, Fragmented . The publisher of Cinnamon Press, Jan Fortune-Wood, has her book Stale Bread & Miracles reviewed. While John Baker, who is considered one of the UK’s best crime writers, has his Flambard novel Winged with Death given a close read and assessment.

Dream Catcher contains as much fiction as poetry, and is as much national as international. It knows no barriers or borders. It aims for diversity and excellence, to encompass all subjects and all forms of writing, to represent the contemporary world’s cultural mix, to explore subjects that arrest us today. Contemporary Writing for Contemporary Readers.