We offer a two or three issue subscription plan or a newly introduced rolling subscription. You save on the cover price as well as on postage and packaging. Overseas subscribers save the equivalent of the UK postage but there is a surcharge to cover the additional cost of posting overseas. Subscribers will receive a copy of the current issue, while stocks last, and the next published issue. When stock of the current issue runs out, we will start the subscription with the next issue.

It is our subscribers who make it possible to continue to publish Dream Catcher twice a year every year and we are very grateful to those of you who have been supporting us over the last 29 years.

You may mail a cheque to: Dream Catcher Subscriptions, 161 Lowther Street, York, YO31 7LZ or use the links below to set up a subscription. We are also able to process a Banker’s Standing Order.

Rolling subscription rates will be protected from rate increases for the foreseeable future. Though publication dates may vary we will produce 4 issues in any 2 year timeframe. Please note that the 3 issue option will be withdrawn with the next 2 Issue rate increase as the protected rolling plan will offer the same or better savings.

One off Subscriptions:

2 Issues UK£15
3 Issues UK£22
2 Issues Europe£22
3 Issues Europe£28
2 Issues USA / Rest of the World£25
3 Issues USA / Rest of the World£32

Rolling Subscriptions:

Rolling Subscriptions are only available to subscribers with a PayPal account: subscribers are in complete control of their account and payments. Please remember to let us know of any change of address. If you do not have a PayPal account you may opt to pay by Bankers Standing Order. (See below…)

Please note that a rolling subscription will automatically renew until you have cancelled it.

Annual UK£15
Annual Europe£22
Annual USA / Rest of the World£25

New Rolling subscribers will receive a free copy of the current issue of Dream Catcher.

Standing Orders

Stairwell Books has implemented the infrastructure to accept payment by Banker’s Standing Order. Subscribers can set these up using their Bank’s on-line service: subscribers will need to know the Stairwell/Dream Catcher Bank Account details. Email us with your Name, Address, and expected start date and we will send you the information you need to set up the Standing Order.

Please remember to notify us of any change of address and if you change bank accounts check your Dream Catcher payment went with it.

New Standing order subscribers will receive a free copy of the current issue of Dream Catcher.