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Dream Catcher Issue 48 is available to UK based contributors at a discounted price of £3.50 including postage and packaging. European contributors are asked to purchase their copy at £7.00 and at £12 for the rest of the world including the USA. 

Please limit your contributor copies to a maximum of 2, if you need more please purchase at the regular price. You can do this prior to publication here or after publication, here.

Copies will be mailed when they become available.

Copies can be ordered directly by mailing a cheque for the requisite amount in Sterling to:

Stairwell Books
Dream Catcher Contributor offer
161 Lowther Street
YO31 7LZ

An online option is available at slight markup to cover the banker’s surcharge.

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We would also welcome your subscription. Subscriptions are the lifeblood of a magazine like Dream Catcher as they underpin the editing and development work and guarantee the printing of each issue. By subscribing you provide a service to future contributors and ensure that Dream Catcher will be available in the longer term. Subscribe